US automaker bailout deal fails to pass Senate

US automaker bailout deal fails to pass Senate

Friday, December 12, 2008

A US$14 billion bailout package deal for the “Big Three” United States automakers — Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors — has been rejected in the United States Senate after failing a procedural vote.

The bill was rejected after bipartisan discussions on the bailout broke down when Republican Party leaders insisted that the United Auto Workers (UAW) union agree to increase wage cuts by next year in order to bring their pay into line with those of Japanese automobile companies in the United States. The UAW refused to meet the demands.

The final vote count in the Senate was 52-35, eight short of the 60 needed to pass. Only ten Republicans joined forty Democrats and two independents in voting for the bill. Three Democrats voted with thirty-one Republicans against it.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said that he was “terribly disappointed” by the failure of the bill to pass. “I dread looking at Wall Street tomorrow. It’s not going to be a pleasant sight,” Reid said. “Millions of Americans, not only the auto workers but people who sell cars, car dealerships, people who work on cars are going to be directly impacted and affected.”

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Republican Senator Bob Corker was also unhappy about the rejection. “We were about three words away from a deal. We solved everything substantively and about three words keep us from reaching a conclusion,” he said.

Some Democrats now want U.S. President Bush to reserve a portion of the $700 billion bailout package earmarked for Wall Street to assist the flagging car industry.

Stock markets worldwide fell dramatically on the news, with Japan’s Nikkei average losing 484.68 points, or 5.6 percent, reaching a level of 8253.87 points. Shares in the auto companies Toyota, Nissan and Honda all dropped by no less than 10 percent apiece. European stocks, such as those in the United Kingdom and Germany, also lost ground, with the FTSE-100 index of leading shares falling 176.3 points to a level of 4,211 at midday.

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Forget driving to the Olympics, says Beijing

Forget driving to the Olympics, says Beijing

Friday, September 22, 2006

Anyone planning on attending the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China can forget about renting a car when they get there.

Newspapers reported on September 18 that no private cars would be allowed near any of the venues in the host city, in an attempt to combat the gridlock that has plagued the city.

Known for its stand-still traffic, Beijing’s transport authority believes it needs to curb at least 20% of traffic flow to ensure the Games run smoothly. The number of cars in the city is set to increase from 2.7 million to 3 million by the time of the Olympics. Country-wide, annual car sales are expected to reach 10 million annually by 2010.

A good infrastructure is one of the International Olympic Committee’s top priorities when searching for bid cities. The IOC requires that athletes, support staff such as coaches, venue volunteers, spectators, and the press all should be able to get from venue to venue without hassle.

Existing plans in Beijing say that private cars may only drive in the city on alternate days. Plates with odd numbers would drive one day, while even numbered licenses would drive the next day.

Wired magazine has suggested fuel-cell vehicles may be China’s next cultural revolution. Vancouver-based venture capitalist Mike Brown told the National Post: “If they get aggressive about this, and they decided to build up a fuel cell manufacturing capability to sell half a million of these things, they’ll get the costs down faster than anybody else.”

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Romantic Galicia Try The Casa Grande Do Soxal}

Romantic Galicia – Try the Casa Grande do Soxal



As expected the hotels in Galicia and Northern Spain are extremely spacious very clean and comfortable. The categorisation for the hotels is awarded on a star system and these are allocated by the regional tourist authorities.

Those searching for luxury will just head straight for the exclusive hotels and Paradors whilst even the family run casas rurales are excellent places to stay and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Casa Grande do Soxal.

The Casa Grande can be found at Soxal, Cesuras – Betanzos – A CORUA

As of the time of the writing of this article the contact telephone number for The Casa Grande is +34 981 781 557 and the fax number is unknown.

At the time of the writing of this article, the manager to contact for information would be unknown and The Casa Grande has the following number of rooms: 11.

Casa Grande do Soxal stands in the parish of Bragade, a few kilometres from the town of Betanzos. Situated next to the Sanatorio Park and the River Mendo, the hamlet has all the typical charm of Galician rural life, where time passes at a slower pace. Local history, nature, and culture all come together in an area where it is very easy to lose your sense of time.

Like all Pazos, there is a fair amount of history surrounding the building and in this case it is the following. Casa Grande do Soxal is a tourist complex made up of three old farm labourers dwellings, a corn granary, a bakers oven and a barn. The oven has been turned into a wine cellar and the barn into a guest lounge. The main house where the dining room can be found is more than 150 years old. The complex has all the attributes of a first class hotel, still conserving its rural spirit.

With regards to the actual facilities that the Pazo has to offer they are as follows: 5 double rooms, 2 special double rooms, 3 single bedrooms, all rooms have ensuite facilities..

All usual mealtimes are observed at this Pazo and they are, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

As well as the individual room facilities, this Pazo has the following shared amenities and facilities: Dining room, Restaurant, Lounge.

Outside you can find the following amenities for guests: Gardens, Vegetable gardens.

The immediate geographic location for this Pazo is as follows: Savour a home cooked meal beside the great fireplace, walk in the garden or sit down for a chat in the lounge, these were the activities enjoyed by the original inhabitants of Casa Grande do Soxal, when the house was dedicated to agriculture. Guests at the complex can breathe in the same peaceful atmosphere as two centuries ago.

With regards to the scenic location for the Pazo, it is extremely well located. Nearby, the Sanatorio Park, the River Mendo and numerous valleys in the region allow the visitor to undertake mountain walks, horse riding or observe the local flora and fauna. Historical Celtic settlements, churches, chapels and the town of Betanzos can be visited without having to wander too far away from the house..

If the above are not enough for either you or your family then you will find within close proximity the following facilities; Pony Trekking, Hiking.

Stephen Morgan writes about a great many Internet Travel based issues and more on the above can be found at Accommodation in Galicia . For a more complete overlook at Tourism in Galicia try

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Romantic Galicia – Try the Casa Grande do Soxal }

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Partizan Belgrade kicked out of 2007/08 UEFA Cup

Partizan Belgrade kicked out of 2007/08 UEFA Cup

Thursday, July 26, 2007

File:FK Partizan.png

FK Partizan of Serbia have been kicked out of this season’s UEFA Cup after crowd trouble during their first qualifying round match against Zrinjski Mostar. They were also fined 50,000 Swiss francs. Partizan Belgrade won the 1st Leg 6-1.

Trouble started early in the first half when play was stopped for ten minutes after fans from both teams clashed with riot police and stadium security while throwing rocks and flares at each other. Fans also ripped-up stadium seats. 36 people were injured and six people were arrested.

UEFA‘s reasoning is that Partizan Belgrade have been fined 25 times in 36 matches over the last five years. UEFA have taken a tougher stance on fan violence having kicked out Feyenoord in last season’s UEFA Cup and Legia Warsaw in this season’s Intertoto Cup. Partizan Belgrade have within three days of receiving official notice of this decision to appeal.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Feel free to use the Wikimedia sites to solve our Wikinews crossword. Please do not fill it out online as it would spoil it for other people; print it out and fill it in at your own leisure!

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Property In Lucknow Under Rera}

Submitted by: Rajeev Kapoor

The Real Estate Regulation & Development (RERA) Act, which was introduced on May 1, 2017, is considered to bring massive changes in Indian real estate industry. The main objective of the act is to facilitate the home buying process and bring transparency between the developers and customers. RERA would bring relief to customers, increase foreign direct investment (FDI) and developers working on existing projects need to register with RERA within three months. As soon as the housing project gets registered, all the relevant information and facts about the project must be uploaded on the official website of the developer along with licenses/approvals.

In the past, there were several cases of delay in the completion of project, non-possession of apartments, etc., which would now change with the help of RERA. Knowing essential details and information about RERA would help you to invest money in the right real estate project. So, if you are planning to buy property in Lucknow post-RERA, certain factors must be kept in mind in order to make an informed decision.

1. Is the Residential Property in Lucknow City Registered Under RERA

It is essential to check whether the residential project is registered under RERA before making advancement payment for the purchase of flat/apartment. The registration is compulsory for all the residential and commercial projects. Failure on the part of developer to register the project would draw penalty, which could be 10 percent of the project cost.

2. Getting the Projects Registration

Usually, customers who invest money in residential projects in Lucknow before the launch or completion get deceived by the builder. Under RERA, real estate companies have to get the registration of their housing project done for every level or stage separately, thus facilitating transparency and clarity.

3. No Advertisement/Promotion Without RERA Registration

You have to check if the builder has advertised or promoted the property before RERA registration. If any builder has done this, it is better to avoid any deals or transactions with that developer. If the project has already been registered, then every advertisement must include the RERA registration number.

4. Difference between Carpet and Super Built-Up Area

While looking for flats in Lucknow in a housing project, you must know the difference between carpet and super built-up area under RERA. The carpet area comes within the walls of the house, whereas super built-up area includes outer area such as staircase, lobby, balcony, etc. The builder will include the carpet area in selling price but not super built-up area.

5. Super Built-Up Cost Not Included

If any developer has added super built-up area cost in selling price, it is against RERA act. Under the act, carpet area instead of super built-up area has been clearly delimited in the law.

6. Certifications and Approvals

It is important to check whether the builder has all the necessary licenses, certifications and approvals from concerned authorities for the execution of the project. If the new or upcoming housing property in Lucknow has all the requisite licenses and approvals, it will be better to invest in that property.

7. Verify if the Projects Land is Disputed

Before making any deal or transaction with the developer, check for the legitimacy of the projects land and see to it that the land is not disputed. The real estate company must have complete registration and control of the housing project.

8. No Modifications in the Plan Without Written Permission

The realty firm must not make any modifications in the plan sold to customers without written consent. Generally, developers tend to engage in this practice, which would now be handled with RERA.

9. Financially Stable Builde

If the builder has sufficient finance, the project will be completed on time. On the other hand, if the developer lacks finance, the project will get delayed. So, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Lucknow, choose a builder who is financially stable and has proven track record.

If you keep the above mentioned points in mind while investing in an upcoming or new residential property in Lucknow, rest assured that you have made the right decision.

About the Author: Rajeev is sales and marketing consultant at Azea Botanica, an upcoming residential project in Lucknow being developed by Azeagaia Development Pvt. Ltd., promoted by Singapore-based companies through foreign direct investment. Azea Botanica, which is RERA registered, offers 3 & 4BHK luxury apartments in Lucknow at a prime location of Vrindavan Yojna. To know more about Azea Botanica, please visit



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Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Update since publication

This article mentions that Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, although this is disputed.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

A Florida man is being charged with 3rd degree felony for logging into a private Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet access point without permission. Benjamin Smith III, 41, is set for a pre-trial hearing this month in the first case of its kind in the United States.

This kind of activity occurs frequently, but often goes undetected by the owners of these wireless access points (WAPs). Unauthorized users range from casual Web browsers, to users sending e-mails, to users involved in pornography or even illegal endeavours.

According to Richard Dinon, owner of the WAP Smith allegedly broke into, Smith was using a laptop in an automobile while parked outside Dinon’s residence.

There are many steps an owner of one of these access points can take to secure them from outside users. Dinon reportedly knew how to take these steps, but had not bothered because his “neighbors are older.”

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Cisco sues Apple for iPhone trademark

Cisco sues Apple for iPhone trademark

Friday, January 12, 2007

The iPhone only made its appearance as a prototype and there have been controversies aroused.

The dispute has come up between the manufacturer of the iPhone (which was resented on Wednesday for the first time) – Apple Inc. – and a leader in network and communication systems, based in San JoseCisco. The company claims to possess the trademark for iPhone, and moreover, that it sells devices under the same brand through one of its divisions.

This became the reason for Cisco to file a lawsuit against Apple Inc. so that the latter would stop selling the device.

Cisco states that it has received the trademark in 2000, when the company overtook Infogear Technology Corp., which took place in 1996.

The Vice President and general counsel of the company, Mark Chandler, explained that there was no doubt about the excitement of the new device from Apple, but they should not use a trademark, which belongs to Cisco.

The iPhone developed by Cisco is a device which allows users to make phone calls over the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

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10 billionth update placed on social networking website Twitter

10 billionth update placed on social networking website Twitter

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The ten billionth update, or “tweet”, has been uploaded to Twitter, a social networking website. The statistic was reported by GigaTweet, a group that keeps archives in relation to Twitter messages. The update was placed onto Twitter at approximately 0100 GMT on Thursday.

The identity of the user who placed the ten billionth “tweet” on the website and the message itself cannot be discovered due to the fact that the update was uploaded from a protected profile. A protected profile is a profile which cannot be viewed by all internet users.

Twitter was first launched in March 2006. The first message to be sent onto Twitter read out: “just setting up my twttr”. The website reached its billionth “tweet” in November 2008 and its five billionth in November 2009. GigaTweet have predicted that the twenty billionth update will be put onto the website by October 2010.

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